About Julie

an ever evolving human being who loves fashion

Artist, Fashion Designer, Stylist, Costume Designer, Boutique Owner
I’ve called myself many things since 2000, that epic year I entered the “real world”

My professional journey in Fashion began in undergrad. My Bachelor’s of Fine Arts thesis show was flooded with imagery of fashion and apparel portrayed through glass and neon sculpture. Realizing my true interests lay in fashion and not exclusively art, I move on to study fashion design and garment construction. After launching a private label apparel line in 2010, my focus shifts once again. I soon discover the world of film and television and learn the ropes of wardrobe styling and costumes for film and television. If you are from this world of film + tv you know it brings crazy adventures and insane challenges that we always overcome, somehow and just in the nic of time!

10 years into styling for film and tv commercials, I approach another fork in the road. I begin to pursue a long time dream of opening a boutique. I open the doors to Tortuga in the Fall of 2019 and I revel in my accomplishment of fulfilling this longtime dream!
Hell yeah.

My ride alongside Fashion is a good one, always has been and always will be.

2020 brings big change for all of us. This is a dynamic and complicated world we live in. My attention is now more on my independent boutique Tortuga. I am driven to approach this life more sustainably, which I reflect through my boutique and my costume work. I’m a bit more particular these days with regards to the costume design projects I embark on. But, hey when we are the right fit, we will make magic happen!

Is your interest peeked? Reach out and I’ll share more about my new vision for how I now approach costume design.


Want to collaborate? Reach out!

email : julie@juliebent(dot)com
phone : (703)  981 – 3870