The Sultan and The Saint


Costume Designer

A powerful story of peace and religious tolerance, narrated by Jeremy Irons and starring Alexander McPhearson (St Francis of Assisi) and Zack Beyer (Sultan Al-Kamil). The Sultan and The Saint was a large undertaking for me as a costume designer. This being my first period piece it initially felt overwhelming, but eventually became fun and a wonderful format for creative expression. I learned the value of historical research and the art of filling in the blanks when called for as the designer.

With a larger budget and crew to manage, I learned the value of good communication and a positive attitude. The costume department included myself as designer, an assistant costume designer, key costumer, head tailor, three seamstresses and four additional set costumers as needed. I’m proud to report that Costumes came in $9,000 under budget and designed some exciting original works for the feature.

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